Coughshame + Sanitize Hand Sanitizer

Coughshame + Sanitize was birthed during the onset of Covid-19. As there was a distinctive lack of safe hand sanitizers, scarce shortages and extreme price-gouging we knew we had to step in and help where we could. We were able to make 187 free hand sanitizers to give out to the community and all across the United States to those who really needed them. To our surprise we received incredible feedback and requests to produce more. We have searched high and low...far and get our hands on the best and safest ingredients. We promise to ALWAYS keep the cost of this product low and reasonable and do all we can to give back to our neighbors. So here is our very own SiVi Tidy Co's hand sanitizer. We thank you for supporting a small business and we hope you love it as much as our community. Stay safe and remember we're in this together...forever!


• 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

• Distilled Witch Hazel Rose Water

• Purified Aloe Vera

• Castor Oil

• Vitamin C Oil

• Raw Coconut Oil

• Essential Oil

How to use:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly for at least 35 seconds
  2. Spray 3 spritz of hand sanitizer into hand and rub hands together until completely dry.
  3. Enjoy smooth, disinfected, and incredible smelling hands.

Scent Details:

  • No Scent
  • Purest of Clean: Fresh Scent
  • Tender Sweeti: Vanilla, Rose, and Wood
  • Lemontine: Sugar Lemon

Distilled Water
Fresh Lemon
Raw Coconut Castile Soap
 Baking Soda Cruelty-Free Fragrance Natural D-Limonene

Three (3) 12 ounce bottles of Germaphobe All-Purpose Cleaning Solution in LaunDre Lavender (Fresh Floral), Melanated Oud (Sophisticated Woods), and Sweeta Da Juice (Fruity)

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