Our Purpose

"I knew without a doubt I wanted to create safe products and unique services that would disrupt the cleaning industry as we knew it. To transform the way we take care of ourselves, our homes & businesses, and those we love most through cleaning. This is our way of cleaning on purpose!"


Straight From A Tidier

I cannot say enough about SiVi Tidy! I absolutely love every product
I’ve bought. This furniture spray is glorious. My living room smells
fresh and not chemical(y). And the customer service, the handwritten
notes…now that is why I stopped going to big-box stores and shop small
business. And this is my fave small business! 🖤

-Kelly Beaton

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Our Guarantee

Our entire collection is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

We only use ethnically sourced natural ingredients.

All orders are shipped with biodegradable peanuts.

Cleaning Testimonials

I recently moved to the Delray area and I didn't have much time to deep clean my place with my busy schedule. So I started looking around for a quality cleaning service that could help me out. I came across SiVi Tidy. Sierra is professional when conducting business and really educated in the products she uses to clean. She has really amazing products that smell amazing and she left me sample when they finished which I thought was nice. Although, I'm new to the cleaning service I will stay with SiVi Tidy and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a cleaning service.

Ka'Rima Malone

I was hesitant to allow someone besides myself to clean my home but I travel back to back and just needed someone that would clean as I would! Love me some Facebook and IG and as always social media to the rescue! Very professional, detailed and provided a personal touch! Highly recommend someone who takes the time out to consider your preferences on what your needs are when it comes down to your home and/or business! Oh and she's does a consultation with you to go over your needs and go over the cleaning products she uses!! Especially if you have allergies and restrictions. But she explained everything is vegan!!! Definitely going to book SiVi Tidy in the future! Oh and you get freebies after your service!

Mia H.

SiVi Tidy is the best! They are trustworthy and great at what they do! My house has a huge set of stairs with scuffs and their team made them spotless. They got rid of the spray tan in the showers and even cleaned our base boards! The best part of using SiVi Tidy is coming home to a clean house that smells like her amazing natural products instead of coming home to a house that smells like beach, windex, and other toxic stuff. Sierra and her team goes above and beyond.

Sloan D.

Absolutely the best cleaning service I ever had and I'm extremely picky. I don't leave reviews but I just think how they do things are really tailored. Sierra uses cruelty free products and I believe she makes a lot of them personally. They smell really good I can't lie. I would definitely recommend them and I'm going to be booking her repeatedly.


I needed a deep clean for the place I just moved into. Luckily I found SiVi Tidy Co. I was referred by a friend and glad I was. The job they did was amazing. I've never dealt with a more detailed and transparent cleaning company. Would strongly recommend.

Stewart D

OMG my house looks and smells amazing. The company has really good pricing especially considering the service and quality provided. Love the fact they are vegan and eco-friendly. Services were delivered as promised and on time. Huge plus in my book. Will do business with again.

Indy G.

I don't really leave reviews but I was really impressed by Sierra. She came to clean my house about 3 weeks ago and did a great job. It smelled great when I came home and one thing I like is she leaves you a progress report when she leaves. She was 10 minutes early, greeted me with a smile and made me comfortable with a stranger in my house. I have horrible allergies so I was ready to "air my house" out once she left but I didn't have too. There was no hint of bleach or fabuloso which was great because they almost always make me sick. On her progress report she tells you what she used to clean your house, suggestions for maintaining the cleanliness of your house and thanks you for booking. I thought that was a nice touch being I have my house cleaned regularly. I posted the picture of my room after I left and forgot to leave fresh blankets out. I figured she would skip the room because I didn't leave anything out. She took it upon herself to find fresh sheets and make my bed, pick everything up off the floor, organize my closet and drawers, and vacuum. Thank you Sierra! You're a sweetheart and I will be hiring you again and requesting you specifically.

Rebecca K
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