About Us

SiVi Tidy Co is a small black-owned cleaning brand located in Jacksonville, FL. We were established in June 2019 and got our start cleaning commercial spaces and residential homes in South FL. We have since expanded our services and product line to include a more robust cleaning experience for all to enjoy. 

We continually strive for the opportunity to create change with every business decision we make. Therefore, we remain intentional with our business initiatives and growth strategy. It has always been pivotal for us to stay close to our customers....to not only provide them a product or service but to provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Encouraging our customers to shop with their heart is important to SiVi Tidy hence, why we've made charity the anchor of our business model. With each product and service rendered a percentage of our profits are donated to a charity of our customer's choice. We believe this fosters the habit of giving, encourages curiosity, and creates positive change for our communities. This is our unapologetic approach to disrupting the cleaning industry one service-one donation at a time. 

Who We Are:

SiVi Tidy Co is an unapologetic eco-friendly cleaning brand that aims to provide innovative cleaning products and services to the everyday person.

Mission Statement:

Transform the way we take care of ourselves, our homes & businesses, and those we love most through ethical cleaning, service, and charity.

Business Values:

EDUCATION: We are committed to providing easy to understand education on our products, services, social and charitable involvement. 

RESPECT: We are committed to treating all humankind and animal-kind with the utmost respect at all times. 

TRANSPARENCY: We are committed to providing our customers and employees with an honest and transparent outline of our processes, procedures, passions, and vision. 


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