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About Us

Who We Are:

SiVi Tidy Co. is a vegan cleaning & household company who started cleaning homes and commercial spaces in Palm Beach, Florida.  We have since relocated to Jacksonville, FL and we continue to clean with all earth friendly products. We not only clean your space to perfection but focus on providing you an overall authentic household maintenance experience. We also make vegan cleaning and household products based smell preference.


Being a small indie cleaning company it is extremely important to us to provide unique services and exude charity in everything we do. Although, we may be small we believe we are mighty!  That’s why we custom make majority of the products we use to clean your space, partner with other small earth and animal loving brands, and allocate a percentage of every purchase and/or service booked to charity. Our customers are constantly encouraged to be creative, innovative and giving. 


We make it a point to find the best ingredients to create our cleaning and household products. Often times people think hardcore chemicals are the only thing that can get hard cleaning jobs done. However, we've tested time and time again that our beautiful earth produces the best natural ingredients for our everyday needs. If you give it a try we're sure you'll be surprised with how well if not better natural cleaning products work to meet your needs. Our ingredients are hand-picked, tested, and curated especially for you, your pets, and families safety and satisfaction. 

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