Hey there, I'm Si and I'm the Founder of SiVi (See-Vee) Tidy Co. I’m a native Floridian who’s absolutely obsessed with animals, cleaning, creating, and giving. I currently have two college degrees, a current interpreter for the Deaf, and work in the Healthcare Tech industry by trade.

I got my start cleaning part time to help supplement my minuscule income as I put myself through college. With soaring tuition cost, working 3 part time jobs I still couldn't afford to remain in college.Therefore, I became a temporary college drop-out. As I struggled to get back on my feet I moved back to Florida and started to clean homes again. On my varies assignments I found myself fantasizing about entrepreneurship and making an imprint on the world, but I had no idea how. 

Over time I noticed I enjoyed the process of cleaning, listening to classics while I zipped around my client’s space and finding therapeutic solace in making something appear new again. I would make my own cleaning products and before I knew it more and more of my clients were requesting my products in place of the store bought brands. I was blown away by the support and started planning the birth of my first business. 

​Professional cleaning gave me the ability and experience I needed to honor others, anticipate needs, and display my creativity. Something I did to make ends meet during a time I felt like an utter failure has now become the foundation to something I'm just so proud first first business...SiVi Tidy The Vegan Cleaning Company!

I couldn't thank you all enough for your support! I am forever in your debt!

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