John 14:14

If you found this page, you were really analyzing my website. So now that you found it...welcome! You may have found John 14:14 on a few of your product labels or maybe you never noticed but regardless it's there for a reason. When I made the decision to start this business....I was crippled with debilitating fear. Who am I? I can't be successful. I can't make a difference in this world! All statements that plagued me day and night. Then I started to pray to God and within time I developed more confidence to move forward. The scripture John 14:14 came to me in a dream and that was my sign to ask God for this business. The scripture reads "You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." So I took him at his word and asked. However, I didn't stop there with my request to the Lord and I would love to share my request with you since you're here....

  • Heal, touch, love, and bless every single customer, passer-by, supporter, and enemy who comes in contact with my business.
  • Build my confidence as a new entrepreneur to led with poise, grace, humility, and compassion.
  • Protect all of my customer's friends and families.
  • Increase joy, peace, love, and wealth in the lives of my customers.
  • Allow my business to grow only if it's making an impact in this world for the better.
  • Get more involved in the community to make this planet safer for animals and humankind.
  • Build a team of compassionate trailblazers who care about people first and business second.
  • Strength to stand as a black woman business owner and not be afraid.
  • Be a light in the lives of all we serve and will serve in the future.
  • Disrupt the cleaning industry in a way that's never been seen before. Our authentic and animal-friendly way!

These are my standing request and I believe it will happen. The scripture promises me it will. So be blessed, be strong, be happy, and live in abundance.

The Imperfect Entrepreneur,


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