Lift Awf Room and Fabric Freshener


It smells amazing in here!!!! That’s what we often hear when we spritz a little Lift Awf. It provides a quick pick me up to any space and will have your loved ones wanting to overstay their welcome and your furry friends in complete comfy bliss.

**Refills Now Available AND comes with sprayer**


  • Plant Based Hydrosol
  • Witch Hazel
  • Baking Soda
  • Distilled Water
  • White Vinegar
  • Cruelty-Free Fragrance Oil

How To Use:

Shake well and spray on linen, furniture, or clothing for a freshened scent. Can also spray around your space for an overall freshened scent. 

Scent Details:

  • Fresh Like Me 
    • Smells of fresh laundry
  • Naked Linen
    • Smells of fresh laundry with a hint of floral
  • Dirty Lemonade
    • Smells of lemon, peach, and grape
  • Spicy Wood Sense
    • Smells of sweet tobacco, vanilla, wood, and honey 
  • Just Chill Partna (Specialty mixed and Infused with real Lavender & Eucalyptus)
    • Smells of raw eucalyptus and lavender

    Distilled Water
    Fresh Lemon
    Raw Coconut Castile Soap
 Baking Soda Cruelty-Free Fragrance Natural D-Limonene

    Three (3) 12 ounce bottles of Germaphobe All-Purpose Cleaning Solution in LaunDre Lavender (Fresh Floral), Melanated Oud (Sophisticated Woods), and Sweeta Da Juice (Fruity)

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