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Wipe My Glass Window Cleaner
Wipe My Glass Window Cleaner

Wipe My Glass Window Cleaner

I can see you! Can you see me? This eco-friendly window cleaner is all you need to see clearly and give a sparkle to that glass. Whether you use it to clean your bathroom mirrors, car mirrors, or glass table tops you will not be disappointed with how new things will look. Smudge and streak proof, non-toxic, disinfects and delightful in smell. Natural cleaning just got a whole lot' betta!

Comes in 8 oz Amber Glass Bottle


  • Pure Plant Hydrosol
  • Grain Alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Essential Oil

How To Use:

Shake well and spray your glass. Wipe glass until crystal clear. Place in a well ventilated area after each use.

Scent Details:

  • Fresh & Clean Original: Dead Sea Salt and True Fresh & Clean Linen Notes
  • Naked Linen: A unique take on fresh. A lovely linen with rose and floral undertones. A lasting fresh sweetness.
  • Woody & Earthy: Chamomile, Rose, and Wood Notes
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